Group Lessons



Rick’s group classes offer the following features, many of which are unavailable elsewhere:

Money-back guarantee. The lesson price is fully refundable if a student is dissatisfied for any reason.

Presentation of material in routine format. Each month, students learn a series of steps in sequential order. Some students opt to attend only a portion of the classes. However, those who attend each week will find that by the end of the month, they have mastered an entire routine that they can use for practice purposes and for dancing at parties.





Affordable prices. Rick’s goal is to see all students develop their dancing, which is only possible if the lesson prices are kept affordable. Compare and see – he offers quality instruction at the best prices in town.



Structured lesson format. Rick’s methodical and organized presentation of material makes it possible for even a very large class to run smoothly. His effectiveness allows each class member to gain a clear understanding of how to execute the steps.

For additional information regarding class schedules and monthly pricing please visit the calendar here.