Jan 2015 Classes start tonight

We hope everyone has recovered from last night’s festivities enough to come to dance class tonight.

Remember, in an attempt to keep things as “normal” as possible subsequent to our move to the new studio, we are pleased to offer our January group class schedule. The most obvious changes are that we no longer have classes on Mondays or Wednesdays, and we are starting a bit later than before; however, you will find the length of classes and pricing exactly as they were in 2014.

Level 1 classes will be on Tuesdays beginning at 8:30 pm.
Level 2 classes will also be on Tuesdays and will start at 9:15 pm.
Level 3 classes will be on Thursdays beginning at 8:30 pm.
Level 4 will also be on Thursdays and will start at 9:15 pm.

Monthly pricing will be $55 for one class, $105 for two classes, $125 for 3 classes and $130 for 4 classes. Each month’s tuition will consist of 4 classes per level. (We will treat those month’s with a fifth week on a case-by-case basis as to whether there will be an additional charge or that we take that week off.)

January classes are:

Level 1 – Swing and Hustle
Level 2 – Waltz and Foxtrot
Level 3 – Rumba and Salsa
Level 4 – Cha Cha.

Individual (drop in) classes will still be $15 each.

Parties will be on Friday nights beginning at 7:30 pm. Cost for parties will be $10 pp.
(No Party on 1/02/2015)

As we move forward, there may be a change here or there. If you have any suggestions, we welcome your input and hope you will contact us via email, text, phone or private FB message.

We are looking forward to a great 2015 in our new home!

See you tonight, January 1st for our group lessons Level 3 and 4.


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